Mistakes Commonly Committed When Mixing Wood Furniture to Modern Homes

wooden interior

As posted in Decors Mag, items of furniture made from timber or wood are among today’s popular modern home trends. This kind of furniture can be attributed to the fantastic wood’s durability and striking look. Take note that you should avoid these common mistakes if you consider wood furniture in your home design, as stated below.

Buying the Wrong Size of Furniture

wood funitureA common mistake made by people who put together with wooden furniture in modern homes is buying the wrong sizes. Before purchasing a new piece of wooden furniture, find out the correct measurements and dimensions of the room you want to furnish. It is essential to find the perfect sized desk or sofa and have an idea of how it will fit in the room. Remember that while large pieces tend to look and feel comfortable, a part that is too large for the space you want to decorate could cause poor circulation.

You need to find the perfect size of furniture because this can create a proper flow that can make your modern home feel good.

Choosing the Paint Before the Furniture

Make sure that when it comes to mixing wood furniture in your current home, choosing specific fabrics and materials should come before choosing paint for the walls. It is because the colors have excellent prosperity, so it’s easier to combine them with your furniture, like the sofa, than the other way around. Avoid making the mistake of some homeowners who choose to paint a room, only to have problems in the future when they start looking for pieces of furniture that fit perfectly with their funding and the modern style of their home. It is especially true for surface materials such as wood, tile, and marble. Decide on a piece of furniture first and then choose a color to match it.

Not Making the Undertones Blend

This mistake is often made by people trying to match wood tones. Avoid this mistake, regardless of price, because you want to blend perfectly, especially if you design modern home. A clever idea would be to make sure that the undertones between the different pieces match well. For example, you can ask that most of the classically designed wooden furniture in your living room have a warm medium shade. This way, the whole room can have some consistency. Also, look at whether the predominant wood tone in your region is on the warmer or cooler side. Once you understand this, try to follow it so that your home has a much more cohesive thread.

Forcing a Color Scheme

furnitureIf you want to decorate the interior of your modern home with solid wood furniture, avoid arriving at a color scheme that works well. Keep in mind that many homeowners mistakenly believe that they need to choose matching colors to work well and efficiently. The truth is, there are also approaches to use a wide range of colors that will bring a more coordinated and matched look.

One suggestion would be to choose your house color. When you discover it, identify the essentials or things manufactured to fill a room. Then, you could restore, repaint and rearrange the elements to flow without forcing them.